2019/2020 Season of Excelling Glory—Life Unmatched – Apostle Joseph Ziba


(Excerpt of the Message for the New Season)
With Apostle Joseph Ziba

‘Seven’ in the spirit entails completeness and fulfillment. When God deals with you in seven, it has a meaning. For example, you see seven angels, or receive something in seven it means something has been completed and fulfilled. This is our seventh year as Fountain of Victory Church International, meaning that what God has been working on in us is completed and fulfilled. If we were meeting somewhere else but the Victory Land we could have missed our prophecy.

Do you know that it is possible to miss the set time for the fulfilment of your prophecy? In Genesis 15, for example, God told Abram that He would take his descendants out of Egypt after 400 years; but it took 30 years more. God did not miss when He said 400. It would have been possible for them to get out of Egypt at 400 years. They had arrived at the fulfillment of the prophecy but something was wrong with them—they lacked understanding. As a result they chased their savior, Moses, who was sent to deliver them (see Acts 7 v25). Hence, they remained in captivity for another 30 years when God had already set them free.

I pray that you do not miss the time of the fulfillment of your prophecy. May you rise up and not be shaken by anything when it is your time. In Jesus Mighty Name!

Main Message
“I have even from the beginning declared it to thee; before it came to pass I shewed it thee: lest thou shouldest say, Mine idol hath done them, and my graven image, and my molten image, hath commanded them.”  Isaiah 48 v 5-7 KJV

The Bible tells us that God declares the end from the beginning. What we think is a surprise to God is not a surprise at all. Some people do things and hide them from the men of God in the hope of surprising them. In so doing, they miss the wisdom and act foolishly when the men of God could have shown them an excellent way of dealing with their issue. God declares your end from the beginning, you should know how to handle the men of God, learn to consult them.

God goes into your end before you start and He shows you what He sees you to be before you ‘physically’ become it. Here are problems that may arise in you because of this way of God’s operation:

Problem no. 1: You can be fooled and be deceived to start to live a greater life instead of living a small life now because of the greater life you have envisioned.

Many people lose it when God declares their end when they are in the beginning. Sometimes it becomes difficult to humble yourself when you have seen the end but you do not understand that you are just in the beginning. I have seen people who envision themselves as CEOs but refuse today to do menial jobs in the interim because of what they will become. You do not just arrive at being a CEO; you start from the menial jobs.

I have seen people dying before they start. God revealing the future has also been an enemy for their lives, they are not yet there. Go back and pick that which is in the beginning and thank God for the future, you will arrive there some time. Appreciate where you are, God is a God of a process; if you simply arrive into the future you cannot know how to thank God.

You are taken step by step so that when you get to your future you can look back and thank God. You will never look down upon anybody who is also in the process because you know that is where you are also coming from. The Lord is allowing you to go through the process, give in to that. Let God teach you how to wake up in the middle of the night to pray, how to love people, how to toughen your heart so that you cannot give up so easily, how to be disciplined with money. How will you handle a bigger church or a huge amount of money if you cannot handle the little that you have?

The future is being unveiled and the Lord has put you in the process. Allow God to take you through the process because the future is coming. You will arrive but appreciate where you are, don’t die in the process. Do not die before you live the life God meant for you. Do not abort your future. The enemy of the best things are normally the good things. For many of us, the small glory gets to our head and it disturbs and destroys us before we arrive. It takes God to help you so that you still continue to move even when you are experiencing the greater things of God. We miss the great things of God with our foolishness.

Problem no. 2: Each stage provides some experiences; good and very powerful.
For instance, there may be an anointing of God that makes people to freeze in your services but that could not be where God is taking you to. You will enjoy seeing God in this place because you are just starting, you are not there yet.

Certain things happen by the grace of God. God may not demand much from you just like you don’t demand a lot from the baby. A baby can eat anytime he cries for food but when it grows up it has to be taught some disciplines. You will never allow the child to remain a child forever. Unfortunately, that’s where many get stuck, they don’t understand that God is a God of progression. You are not going to be where you are today forever, accept that you are at the place of your beginning, you will move from there. If you know that you are going to move, no one intimidates you, you tell them that one day you will move with God. When He moves– don’t get stuck in the past– move with Him!

What is Moving in You?
Don’t make a mistake to think that money can be an evidence of your movement with God. You will get it wrong when you start seeing things from the physical point rather than understanding from the spiritual point first. Money cannot be an evidence of your progression in God. The devil is clever, he can supply you with money to fool you that you are making progress when, in essence, you are stuck at the same place.

Move with God in the realm of the spirit, measure the grace, anointing and favour and not the physical things. Know what is it that is moving with you, otherwise you can be stuck in the past and never move with God. The spirit of the Lord refuses to hear everything about your life. The Bible says whatever He hears in the present moment is what He brings to you (see John 16 v 13). Every day we have to be tuned to what is moving in our lives or what the Lord is telling us what should move otherwise we may be dancing to a long-gone revelation if we do not have the present truth. You are stuck with history because you refused to move with God and He left you behind.

The Holy Ghost is ever tuned, ever listening to the Father to hear what He is saying in the present moment. This meeting will bring a shift. It is not just an announcement of the season. It is a season that will bring a shift for life; you will move from where you used to be, going to another place. You will be able to say “I was there, now I am here and I know where I am going”. You are not going to remain in the past, you will be updated of what the Lord is doing for you. The devil keeps on changing; you cannot continue to run with yesterday’s revelation, you got to remain relevant otherwise you will easily be pushed away. Just because you are not moving then out of fear you start pointing fingers at those that are moving because you cannot match up with them. You have refused to move. You have a God of yesterday. Move with Him!

“Then the Lord said unto Moses, Now you shall thou see what I will do to Pharaoh; for with a strong hand shall he let them go, and with a strong hand shall he drive them out of his land…”  Exodus 6 v 1-3 KJV

In this verse God is telling Moses about how He walked with his spiritual fathers; Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and that they did not know Him as He is revealing Himself to Moses. They are yesterday’s but I am the God that is constantly moving. People fail to recognize some people that are rising in a place like this because they do not understand the progression of God. When you are stuck there, He leaves you, He finds a new one and uses them. God is moving, the past is gone. Keep on moving otherwise you will be overtaken. When God declares the end from the beginning, He brings you to the process. If you are wise, ask God what is next for you, tell Him you cannot be stuck where you are and God will help you.

God spoke to me in a vision that we should expect people with no names or titles to rise and do great things as never before. Don’t wait to have a title before God uses you, mighty things will happen to you and through you only if you allow to move with God; and your life will never be the same.

Back to Isaiah 48 v5-7
God declares the end from the beginning so that you should not say it’s your effort. You can appreciate God. When God speaks, He makes sure He arranges how the prophecy will be fulfilled. You will be divinely directed into the fulfillment of the prophecy. Sometimes the feeling is different when you enter into that time of fulfilment of the prophecy. You may have been doubting before but now you wonder the boldness, the hunger for God. This means God has brought you into something that has been created. He spoke to you about it but it never happened, but you have entered at the time when the prophecy has come to pass.

The announcement of the prophetic word exists that which God created in the beginning for your life. When you speak or confess it, it manifests in the physical realm. Your agreement today will bring out that which the Lord has done in this moment for your life. God is a mass communicator. One Word ministers to all. The Word that will be announced today, to some it will be about a career, a gift, or a ministry, everyone is included in this one voice. Take your portion and confess it.

One is beginning and eight is also beginning. If seven was true [that it’s about completeness and fulfilment] then eight cannot be a lie. God cannot only honour the seven and forget the eight. If He honoured seven to be the way of completion then eight will be the fresh chapter. With one you start from zero but with eight you start from seven; eight is the first chapter with reference, starting afresh from what has been happening at seven. Eight surpasses seven, it is a different beginning, that which is based on seven. You have seen God in seven years but check what God will do in this eighth year.

Eight starts an endless season. What God builds at eight sustains you from generation to generation. Number one projected us to seven but eight is taking us to the end. No wonder, the visions that you have, the realm that you will operating at, will be heavier because you are seeing yourself afar. With an open face, without failing, we can see to the very end of the glory. Something big is going to happen this year. Something that everyone else will talk about starts this season. The grace is imparted to allow you to think in a different way. Your eyes to be opened to see another chapter to the very end of the glory.

The Power of a Spiritual Season
In Genesis 1 v 3-5 and v 13-14, the Bible talks about the two lights that were created.
The first light in verse 3 is so unique – we don’t know its source—but it divides the day and night. The other light was created by God on the third day whose source is the sun. It also divides day and night (verse 14). This entails that, for a child of God, there is a special light that determines the day and night that they must walk in apart from the normal day and night that’s dictated by the sun. Such a light determines their spiritual seasons. Season is determined by the higher light and not by natural elements. You are ruled by the light of God which tells you that you are in your season of success. You may look small or poor but inside of you are carrying a higher light. Spiritual seasons can change the natural seasons but not the other way around. You will defer what natural seasons are saying. You will not be ruled by the circumstance of the world, or what other people are saying but by what is inside of your spirit.

“For even that which was made glorious had no glory in this respect, by reason of the glory that excelleth”. 2 Corinthians 3 v10 KJV

The word “excelleth” means to go beyond the mark. There is a mark that is expected but the excelling glory goes beyond what is marked. Excelling glory goes beyond what a man expects you to do. It challenges people, because you go beyond where they expected you and you leave them wondering what happened.


Personal Counsel for You to Fully Experience the Season
In order to fully partake in this season‘s prophetic word, there are things that you need to be aware of:

1. Stay away from Sin
It is the eater and the destroyer of glory. The Bible says when man sins they come short of God’s glory (see Romans 3:23). If you sin, you will not see the Excelling Glory. Do not open yourself to any weakness and you will enjoy the fullness of God.

2. Glory Increases at a Place that is Complete
Explosive glory came in all places when the people had finished the works of the tabernacle. Allow God to ‘finish you up’ and deal with you in the areas that you are struggling. No one should feel mature when it comes to God dealing with you, do not outgrow God. He is the Master and Architect of life. He knows the design that He has of you. Allow Him to work on you.

3. Live a life of sacrifice
Sacrifice is not necessarily to do with pain as some people erroneously think. Sacrifice signifies a lifestyle of worship. When you give yourself over to God with a contrite heart– a life surrendered to God. With zeal and passion for God yield yourself wholly to the Lord and see His Excelling Glory in your life!


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Apostle Joseph Ziba is the President and Founder of Fountain of Victory Church International and Fountain of Victory International Ministries. He is a renowned teacher of God’s Word with the backing of the Holy Spirit.


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