A Dancing performance leads to Hundreds of Souls receiving Christ

A Dancing performance leads to Hundreds of Soul receiving Christ 

Breakout 2018 is an event one can only describe as spirit filled and complete. From a spectacular worship night, to an endearing Presidential Award ceremony one can safely say that the 2018 anniversary celebrations touched the heart of the Father.

It is a power packed Monday service that crowned the event and it is accurate to say that what the Father desires in any gathering of believers was accomplished. At the event we had the Fountain Of Victory group of renowned performers, 4GD (For God we Dance) act out the song “Book of Life” by Nathaniel Bassey.

4GD performing at the Breakout 2018 final service.

As the atmosphere became charged with the convicting power of the Holy Spirit, many faces became marked with tears and it is no surprise that the President and Founder of the vision, Apostle Joseph Ziba, stood up at the end of the performance to emphasise the message

“The truth is that the coming of Jesus is drawing closer. In fact we are at the end of the foretold times and the world is becoming darker and this is the time that some think they are living in Christ when they lost their salvation long ago. Are you busy doing many Christian activities and yet have no real relationship with the Father?”

It was at the end of the remarks that he gave everyone gathered the opportunity to receive Jesus as their Lord and personal saviour, or to rededicate their life to God their father, and in one rushing wave thousands ran to the front.
Healing, deliverance, empowerment, divine encounters, breakthroughs, miracles, signs, wonders and the salvation of souls have followed Breakout 2018 just as it is written concerning any of those who have made Jesus their center.


Reported by Otuli Munlo

Photo Credit – Victory Media


Editorial Team of the FOVCI


  1. clifford katumbi : October 19, 2018 at 5:42 am

    This is amazing we give all the glory to God

  2. powerful

  3. This is powerful… Amassing perfomance.

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