Apostle Joseph Ziba

Apostle Joseph Ziba is a proven Preacher and Teacher of God’s word and his ministry is exceptional as evidenced by the results of what he does.

Remarkably, his fame is overshadowed by his humility and his ability to interact with anybody who gets closer to him.

He rose from a humble background to become the most sought after preacher of the gospel in Malawi and beyond.

Well known for preaching the word of God with results in people’s lives, Apostle Ziba is an epitome of a genuine calling from God to bring light to those who are in darkness.

His emergence has proved to be the answer to millions, no wonder Fountain of Victory International Ministries continues to bring revival to many.

“When I finished my secondary education at Chichiri secondary school, I had a strong burden from the Lord to go out and preach.
I tried to resist but it was too much to the extent that one day I picked a small bible and headed for Queen Elizabeth hospital in Blantyre to share the word. When I arrived at Queens, I cried since I couldn’t preach but after that I felt relieved that I had done something,’’
‘’From that moment, I mobilized a group and we went to Thyolo where we organized our first crusade. I didn’t minister at the crusade but mighty things took place. The blind had their eyes opened, the deaf started to hear and the lame walked.

When we came back, we decided to put our house in order and that’s when we started meeting,’’
Realizing the need to see more of what was now a reality, he embarked on a quest to seek the face of God to enable him preach the word not only with words but the demonstration of the spirit.

‘’ I prayed and fasted for over a month until God spoke to me audibly that he had put secrets and mysteries in my mouth. However, I was not satisfied to preach the word without seeing the power of God backing the word so I went back to seek the face of God. The Lord told me that the only way I could have what I wanted is to pay the price for it which I obliged,’’

‘’ The first time that I demonstrated the power of God was in 1996 when I preached at Soche mountain where we went to pray. Realizing that God had granted me the ability to demonstrate his power, I told my colleagues that they were about to see the power of God. When I preached for about 10 minutes on the corporate anointing, people fell down under the power of God and they stayed down for a couple of hours. That was the genesis of the move of the spirit in Fountain of victory,’’
True to his word, the ministry of Apostle Ziba is synonymous with the mighty move of the spirit and miracles are a norm wherever he goes out to preach.

Asked on which miracle he can single out as his memorable, he cited a couple of miracles which were remarkable.

‘’ I prayed for a woman in Tanzania who had no teeth. When the power of God touched her, the jaws were freezed and when she went home she discovered that she had new set of teeth. The whole church was astonished when they heard the testimony. I also raised a dead child in South Africa when I was invited to minister and God spoke to me about the miracle when I was about to go. The other miracle happened recently at our Regional conference in Nsanje where a dead child came back to life. Lastly, I will never forget a slimming miracle whereby a sister lost weight in the midst of a service during 4 days of signs, wonders and miracles,’’

Apostle Joseph Ziba – President and Founder of Fountain of Victory