Baptism Unto His Death

Baptism Unto His Death

Romans 6: 3-5.

The amount or the level of light that we have is what determines the influence and the impact that we have over darkness, the amount of light that we have is what we use to overcome darkness, you cannot be afraid of darkness if there is too much light in you. The word of God we receive or that is imparted in our human spirit is the word or the light we use to deal with every darkness in our life.

In Romans 6: 3 the word baptize in the Greek language is baptizo meaning to be immersed, to be soaked, to be buried into something, our human life was soaked, buried, immersed and swallowed up in the death of Jesus. We died and buried together with Jesus and the life we are now living and manifesting on earth is the very life of the glorified Jesus Christ, the life we are living and operating on earth is not our old and natural life but it is the supernatural life.

We need to accept and believe the revelation that we died, and were buried and are risen together with Christ, in order for us to claim and manifest the resurrection life in the natural realm and in every area of our lives. The devil doesn’t want us to believe and accept that we died and resurrected with Christ because the resurrection life is a life of an overcomer and the devil cannot touch our lives if we believe and accept the revelation that we died and are risen with the Christ.

Galatians 2: 20

We cannot claim the likeness of Christ’s resurrection if we don’t believe and accept that we where planted in the likeness of his resurrection, we need to relate, comprehend and apprehend the death of our Lord Jesus Christ in order to claim the resurrection life, our ordinary, human, natural, carnal, mortal and earthly life was immersed and swallowed up in the death of Jesus and the life we are now living and functioning in the natural realm is the supernatural, spiritual, immortal, heavenly and extraordinary life.

The life we are now living is a life beyond the explanation of the human mind and language, life above sickness, death, poverty, failure and generational curses, the life that we have in Christ is a life which originated from the word of God, the life that governs and control all creation, everything about our life was buried in the death of Jesus and the life that we have now is a new and higher life, Jesus Christ buried our old nature and life in His death so that we can be a new species of being that never existed before, He buried our sins, pain and torture in His death and the life that we are now living is a life without sin, pain and torture.



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