Breakout 2018 Exclusive Report

Breakout 2018 Exclusive Report


Apostle Joseph Ziba Declares the Season of “Infallible Proofs”

October is indelibly etched in the hearts of many people. It is well known that the Breakout Celebrations for the Fountain of Victory Church International (FOVCI) are conducted in this special month. The celebrations do not only mark the birthday for the church but it’s also the time when the new season is declared.

Joy and excitement saturated the air when the dates for this year’s celebration were unveiled by the President of FOVCI, Apostle Joseph Ziba. All sons in the house and other denominations from across the global made decisions not to miss such glorious moments.

Several days prior to the grandeur four-day celebrations, leading newspapers in the country published screaming headlines heralding the dates and times for the specific programs.

Sports and Family Day

Apostle Joseph Ziba controlling the ball during the Sports and Family day

Holding at the College of Medicine Sports Complex in the Malawi’s commercial city Blantyre, all sons of the house participated in various sports activities. These aimed at enhancing unity and oneness among the church members. Bawo, soccer, basketball, netball, draft, and boxing were among some of the many games that made the morning of the first day.
The winners were granted awards at the Dinner and Presidential Awards Ceremony the following night.



Worship Concert
In the evening of the first day, the church converged at the expansive COMESA Hall to praise and worship God for all His goodness throughout the year.

Audience took it to the dance floor as Praises went high

Renowned Worship Pastor, Pastor Tisa leading the congregation in worship during the Worship Night.

True to its billing, the service was a special time of worship as anointed music ministers such us Pastor Tisa, Melvin Music, Steve Wazisomo Muliya, Chigo Grace, Sanctuary Music, Minister Caleb, Owen James and several others, ministered in songs and led the congregation in praise and worship to the Lord.

Lots of spiritual energy engulfed the entire auditorium, from the front to the back, as the congregants sang, danced and lifted their hands in worship. They soared in the higher realms of glory by the Holy Spirit!



The Global Prophetic March
It was a beautiful Saturday morning. The mountain breeze was gently blowing in all directions. It was little cloudy and the sun was a bit “fair” as if it perceived that it was the marching day.

Lifting up the Banners of Victory – Global Prophetic March

In their Breakout 2018 costumes— t-shirts, caps, wrappers (zitenje), and shoes— the church members swamped the Victory Upper Lands (in Soche, Blantyre) where the victory parade started from.

“The march we are doing today isn’t a mere religion— it’s of spiritual significance. We are making the devil and his cohorts public spectacles over the victories we’ve had over them for the past 12 months. Therefore, put on your dancing shoes and produce a dancing style you’ve been keeping for the whole year.”

Explained Apostle Joseph Ziba to the thousands of congregants whose loins were girded for the march. Then he declared the march to start.
From the Victory Lands the marchers— while dancing and singing— went down to Kamba and took a right turn to Kwacha roundabout; then to the Kamuzu Upper Stadium.
The march was garnished by the Salvation Army Band.

The Breakout Music Concert
For the first time in the history of the church, the FOVCI held a free Gospel Music Concert at the Kamuzu Upper Stadium in Blantyre. The show formed part of the Breakout Celebrations this year.

As the music went on, the audience had to show their dancing moves..

In his remarks, the President for Fountain of Victory, Apostle Ziba said that it was expedient that the whole nation of Malawi should celebrate the church’s birthday this year. Hence the free Gospel Concert.

“We don’t want to be only us celebrating this year. We want others to join us as well since when the righteous rejoice the city is full of the glory of God”, emphasized Apostle Ziba.

The free show attracted performances from Malawi’s celebrated artists such as Ethel Kamwendo–Banda, Suffix, Kamuzu Barracks Gospel Singers, Saxes, Thoko Suya among others.

FOVCI Dancing Troop perfoming at the BreakOut Music Festival

The sons of the house as well such as Mr Breakout– Pastor Biz, Steve Wazisomo Muliya, Chigo Grace, Pastor Tisa, Melvin Music, Andrew Pwele, Minister Ken, Sanctuary music, Owen James and many others formed the core of the concert.

Presidential Dinner and Award Ceremony
It seemed as if getting tired was a matter of choice to the Fountain of Victory members during the Breakout Celebrations. Barely two hours after the Victory March and the Concert, they congregated at the Tent of His Meeting-the Church’s headquarters– for a dinner and presidential awards.

During this segment, apart from eating and drinking, the sons of the house whose services to the Lord were outstanding in the just ended season were awarded.

“It will be unjust for us not to recognize those people whose services have been outstanding and well recognized by the Lord Jesus in the season of Bursting Forth as Light”, said the highly esteemed President of FOVCI, Apostle Ziba during the award ceremony.

The segment also included awarding the winners of various games played during the sports day.

Breakout Main Service

FOVCI Zomba Praise Team, performing a special song during the Break Out Mega Service

During the main Sunday Service, all sons of the house and people from other denominations invaded the spacious COMESA Hall, venue for the service. Thousands other people participated in this prestigious service

by streaming live on the internet.

With the greatest expectations all people around the world awaited the prophetic theme for the new season.
Whoops of delight rent the air as the Man of God stood to minister the Word of God.


Reading from Acts 1:3, the Man of God, Apostle Joseph Ziba with much energy and excitement of the Holy Ghost declared 2018-2019 to be the “Season of Infallible Proofs— Life Undenied.”


Apostle Joseph Ziba, stressing a point at Break Out Mega Service

The COMESA Hall quaked with thunderous cheers and applause and thanksgiving to God when Apostle Joseph Ziba announced the new season. Thousands of people rushed to altar to “sow their seeds” for the season.

Just a few of the many prophetic declarations, Apostle Ziba announced that:
1. We will do proofs (of His existence in us) that no man can doubt.
2. People will find answers [to problems and puzzles of life] in the church.
3. We will silence mouths of mockers and those who boast in magic or satanism.

The Ablaze Graduation Service
Culminating the celebrations was a graduation of over 65 pastors from the ICBT (International College of Bible Theology) accredited Ablaze Bible Institute (ABI)— the church’s own theological college. The graduates were issued certificates in pastoral ministry.

Glory to God for this new season!


Editorial Team of the FOVCI

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