Break Out

Oct 2019
2019/2020 Season of Excelling Glory—Life Unmatched - Apostle Joseph Ziba

SEASON OF EXCELLING GLORY—LIFE UNMATCHED (Excerpt of the Message for the New Season) With Apostle Joseph Ziba Preamble ‘Seven’ in the spirit entails completeness and fulfillment. When God deals with you in seven, it has a meaning. For example, you see seven angels, or receive something in seven it means something has been completed and fulfilled. This is our seventh year as Fountain of Victory Church International, meaning that what God has been working on in us is completed and fulfilled. If we were meeting somewhere else but the Victory Land we......

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Breakout 2018 Exclusive Report
October 20, 2018

Breakout 2018 Exclusive Report

BREAKOUT 2018 EXCLUSIVE REPORT Apostle Joseph Ziba Declares the Season of “Infallible Proofs” October is indelibly etched in the hearts of many people. It is well known that the Breakout Celebrations for the Fountain of...