Don’t Worry but Think –  Apostle Joseph Ziba

Don’t Worry but Think -  Apostle Joseph Ziba

SEEDS OF VICTORY – Monday, 11th February 2019

Don’t Worry but Think –  Apostle Joseph Ziba

Which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature? Matthew 6:27 NKJV

One of the things that you should avoid, if you want to register tremendous progress this year, is worrying.

Worrying depresses your spirit. Consequently, you fail to achieve great things since you’ll lack the backing of God who doesn’t dwell in depressed environments. God abodes in joyful atmospheres.

You, however, must think. Thinking is the processing of thoughts and ideas to find solutions. That’s what God recommends. Actually, He expects you to be sparing some time for thinking.

Worrying is pondering fear. It is thinking about things that make you afraid. It is taking into your mind questions and puzzles that you won’t find solutions for. And God abhors it.

If there’s anything that you’ve been thinking about but can’t find a solution drop it. It might be a clear sign that it’s not meant to be in your mind. Don’t think over something you don’t find an answer for— If God is not showing you the answer don’t think about it.

As for me I don’t stress; I know matters that are within my capacity and I think about those. If anything challenges my capacity, I simply take it to God the Father in prayer and get over it.

Don’t die fast because you are thinking about something which you are not supposed to be thinking. Love your life and preserve it.


I am worry free. Worries are not mine; mine is thinking. I only think of solutions. I will never try to ponder something that I won’t find solutions for. In this way I’ll live a joyful life all the days of my life; irrespective of the kind of life’s situations. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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