Make God Indebted – Apostle Joseph Ziba

Make God Indebted - Apostle Joseph Ziba

SEEDS OF VICTORY – Monday, 25th March 2019

Make God Indebted – Apostle Joseph Ziba

“Whoso offereth praise glorifieth me: and to him that ordereth his conversation aright will I shew the salvation of God.” Psalm 50:23 KJV

Many people praise God for that which He has done; which is very good. But I discovered another powerful secret of getting God involved in your affairs, and that is offering prophetic praise to Him.

Prophetic praise is offered to God for things He hasn’t done yet. So, when you praise God for something He hasn’t done you make Him indebted to you. And God doesn’t like to be in that position— He comes and does whatever you are praising Him for.

When you read 2 Chronicles 20, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. When three Kings waged war against king Jehoshaphat of Judah, the people of Judah engaged in Prophetic praise. The results of the praise were unprecedented: they found that their enemies slew each other— they didn’t even fight the battle.

So, for whatever you are passing through or whatever you want God to do for you praise Him in advance for the same. If you do you’ll see His Mighty hand coming to help you or grant you what you want.


Heavenly Father, thank You because You don’t like having or keeping debts. For that cause, I’ll praise You all the days of my life; regardless of whether you’ve done something to me or not. In that way, I’ll walk in perpetual victories, in Jesus’ name. Amen

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  1. Thank God my eyes are opened! Prophetic Praise is the key!

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