Mentors: Ladders to your Glorious Destiny

“He that walketh with the wise men shall be wise…”—(Proverbs 13:20 KJV).
In life, the people you meet with matter the most; they determine where and how you are going to end. For instance, you may come from a broken home or a very poor background, but God in His abundant grace connects you with the right people who act as a ladder to your glorious destiny. The only mistake you can make is failure to mark and recognize those people whom God has brought for the reason of your destiny.

What point am I driving at? You can’t reach your destiny alone; there are some people whom God specifically calls to teach you, guide you, instruct you and give you the direction to your destiny. I call such people the Mentors of Life.
Take notice at this point that the Mentors of Life I am referring to here are not merely natural men who can give you inspiration that only affects your mind. I am talking of people with God’s Spirit in and upon them who can affect your spirit (which is the real you) by their conduct and speech. When you take notice of such men, mark them, follow them and walk with them and greatness will be rubbed on you automatically. Our opening Scripture above gives a concurrence to this truth; it says he who walks with the wise becomes wise.

Many of you know King Solomon of the Bible as the wisest man who ever lived. His sagacity and amplitude was so unmatched such that he left undeniable legacy in his days. However, before he rose to such a peak of his greatness he asked God to give him wisdom (the hearing ear) out of all things he would have asked (1 Kings 3:9). Why didn’t he ask for a long life or silver and gold or the life of his enemies et cetera? Why did he opt for wisdom? It’s because he was greatly impacted by his father the wise King David, a spiritual mentor, who taught him that wisdom is the principal thing and once one gets it he’s gotten everything in life. (Proverbs 4:7).

In describing King David’s wisdom the Bible says he had the wisdom of an angel of God (2 Samuel 14:20). Can you imagine that? No wonder king Solomon knew, even in the subconscious of his dream, that wisdom is a must have—he saw its importance from his mentor and he requested God for it.

It’s mesmerizing at this juncture to notice that King David’s wisdom, wasn’t originally of his own as well, it’s also traced back from his mentor, uncle Jonathan, whom the Scripture depicts as the wise and literate counselor. (1 Chronicles 27:32 MSG). Do you understand what I am talking about?

I believe that God called some people as mentors of your life—if you follow them you will become great and you will reach your destiny in God. Of Abraham the greatest father and mentor of Israel the Bible says if the Israelites follow his footsteps they will inherit his blessing and partake of greatness. (Isaiah 51:2).

You see, mentors make life easier; they are like wings upon which man can fly without actually knowing how he’s set off from the ground. They are like ladders on which you climb to greater heights in life. They are men who show you the way. Therefore, when you see them in life throw yourself into their boat and you will be great.


Editorial Team of the FOVCI

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