Music Minister Ken to Distribute a Free EP

Music Minister Ken to Distribute a Free EP

As many gospel artists in the country are launching their albums, Minister Ken, steps on the scene with a different approach. He is going to distribute freely an Extended Play (EP) with eight love songs.

Minister Ken, whose real name is Kennedy Mlomba, has been writing and recording love songs for a year. The songs are talking about love from God’s perspective. They constitute love of God, love between fellow humans and love between a husband and a wife.

Ken, who is also a member of the eight-member Sanctuary Music group, believes that the gospel is for free hence he is motivated to distribute his ‘Nyimbo za Chikondi’ EP for free to everyone.

“The gospel of Jesus Christ is free, therefore nobody is buying this ‘album’—it is for free. I will make sure that if you want the music you should get it. Whether through WhatApp, or websites from which people download music”, Ken said.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is free, therefore nobody is buying this ‘album’—it is for free

Since love is a ‘hot’ subject in the Scriptures and of principal importance among people, Minister Ken said that he took time to study on the same for the past two years. When God revealed to him deep things about love, he felt it necessary to share those profound truths to the world.

“I have been studying about love for the past two years and I have learnt a lot from what God revealed to me. As such I felt I can’t keep it to myself but find a way of sharing it. Therefore, I started writing and recording these songs”, he said.

The EP is scheduled for release on May 14, 2019. It was produced by Don Foxxy, OBK Records, Steve Maleka and Chambota Chirwa.

Minister Ken urges his fans to listen to all the songs in the EP so that they can get that comprehensive story of love.

Download the first official single by clicking here


Minister Ken is a Pastor and Youth Leader at Fountain of Victory Church International, under Apostle Joseph Ziba


Article by Davie C. Zombezana


Editorial Team of the FOVCI

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