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Holy Communion services with Apostle Joseph Ziba and the Fountain of Victory Churches have always been life transforming moments to those who have had a chance of attending them. No wonder, when the day for previous years’ event was announced, overwhelming was the response by the masses globally who made solemn decisions not to miss the grandeur service.

The fame about the event saturated all corners of Malawi and across the borders. Unsurprisingly on the day of the event, with highest expectations large crowds invaded the expansive COMESA Hall in Blantyre Malawi, venue for the program, to experience the wonders of partaking in the body and the blood of Jesus and be transformed forever.
Congregants in various countries around the globe weren’t spared from this life changing experience. They participated through live broadcast via TV stations, radios and the internet.

A Cross Section at 2017 Global Holy Communion Service

Before partaking in the body and the blood of Jesus, Apostle Joseph Ziba enlightened the congregation on the “Wonders of the Holy Communion”. Reading from Matthew 15:1-9, he began by admonishing the attendees not to partake the Holy Communion traditionally since doing that denies one from experiencing the wonders embedded in that holy sacrament. “Don’t take the Holy Communion from your own preset ideologies rather partake of it from a pure understanding of what it is based on the revelation of God’s word”. He admonished.

Apostle Ziba also combated the false notion which says sinners shouldn’t partake of the Holy Communion. Reading from 1 Corinthians 11:23-32, the Man of God expounded the word “unworthily” which many misunderstand. He said taking the Holy Communion “unworthily” has nothing to do whether you are a sinner or not. It rather means taking the Holy Communion without giving it its due respect.

Apostle Joseph Ziba stressing a point

He also disputed that the very first Holy Communion from the Scriptures was taken by Jesus’ disciples who were sinners by then since Jesus had not died for them (Matthew 26:26-28). Therefore, no sinner should be shunned from partaking of this holy sacrament if they have due honor to it.

Apostle Ziba concluded by saying that the Holy Communion is like a seed. “Once you plant a seed in the ground, you don’t need to do anything for it to germinate–it does that on its own”. He said. “So does it to anyone who takes the body and the blood of Jesus–once you partake of it, it is able to bless, to heal, to deliver, to promote, and to do any other thing you trust God to do for you”. The Apostle continued.

Melvin and Chigo Grace ministering at the 2017 Global Holy Communion Service

After taking the Holy Communion, the whole auditorium was saturated by the tangible mighty power of God which gave birth to countless signs, miracles and wonders. HIV/AIDS, cancer, diabetes, psychiatric problems, stroke, blindness, deafness, bone diseases, stagnation, evil spirits and many other diseases, sicknesses and conditions lost their grips on people’s lives– testimonies came from all angles in the arena–as the entire COMESA Hall was invaded by the heavens. Similar experiences were also reported by the masses who were participating via the media in hospitals, homes, work and business places. This indeed was the encounter of the Wonders of the Holy Communion as it was rightly professed!

People under the power of God after partaking the Holy Communion

You may feel you missed last year’s Holy Communion Service, but guess what? Here’s is another opportunity for you to partake of the same grace that touched lives over 2000 years ago. COMESA Hall in Blantyre Malawi is the place to be on 8th July, 2018 for this year’s Global Communion Service and for sure your life will no longer remain the same!

Watch a Video of Last year’s Holy Communion Service


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