The Profit of Praise and Worship – 7 October, 2019

The Profit of Praise and Worship - 7 October, 2019

SEEDS OF VICTORY – Monday, October 7th 2019

The Profit of Praise and Worship with Apostle Joseph Ziba

”And when they began to sing and to praise, the LORD set ambushments against the children of Amon, Moab, and mount Seir, which were come against Judah; and they were smitten.” 2 Chronicles 20:22 KJV

The narrative in the book of 2 Chronicles 20 reveals praise and worship as one of the platforms for continual manifestation of signs, miracles and wonders of God in one’s life.

In the above account, God did not specifically tell the people of Judah about the procedure of how to win the battle. The only instruction was for them to set themselves and to stand still and to see the salvation of the Lord (verse 17). But through God’s wisdom the people of Judah understood that since God was the one to fight for them, their responsibility was to praise and worship Him. No wonder, in verse 21 you see that instead of putting soldiers in-front, they had put singers. In the end, their unprecedented victory was made through praise.

You see, dancing and singing for God (praising and worshiping) is not a waste. And it is not being emotional as some wrongly think. There’s a profit in it. Therefore, you must grow in your life of praise and worship. Set some time for yourself only to praise and worship God. Play some praise and worship songs during such designated times. And don’t miss church services. If you do, your life will be full of the manifestations of the signs, miracles and wonders of God. God will be happy with you and people will admire your perpetual victories.


Precious Father, in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ, thank You for the wisdom and revelation from Your Word on the subject of Praise and Worship. Thank You for showing me that I do not praise and worship You in vain. From today onwards, I commit myself to this life of praise and worship. There’s much profit in it. I am geared up for the life of continual signs, miracles and wonders. Amen!



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