Top Woman Conference 2018 – Exclusive Report

Palpable excitement saturated the air as the good tidings about this year’s Top Woman Conference with Apostle Joseph and Pastor Priscilla Ziba of Fountain of Victory hit the Central Region and the entire Malawi nation at large. Prior to the day of the event, the nation’s leading news papers, TV stations and radio stations massively alerted the general public about the grand event.

When the day for the conference had finally come, a throng of women overflowing with joy and expectation invaded the expansive Bingu International Convention Centre in Lilongwe to partake of the wisdom of God and all that which God had in store for them for their rising.

Ministering in the Morning was Pastor Priscilla Ziba who is the head and champion of all women in the vision. Under the Main theme “Wisdom for the Rising Woman”, Pastor Priscilla shared profound wisdom from the Scriptures.

Extracting from Matthew 25:15; the Woman of God reiterated that embedded in each and every woman are some gifts and abilities which they got from God the Father. No woman is nonentity. She said that what takes one to the top is first discovering God’s gifts and abilities in them and secondly making good use of those gifts and abilities. “My strength and uniqueness as a woman who’s on top lies in working out the gifts and abilities (the call) of God in me”. She revealed.

Going further with the teaching, Pastor Priscilla expounded on three vital realities: “The Power of Walking in True Identity” as a woman as revealed by God’s Word, “The Detrimental Effects of Comparing Oneself with the Other” as a woman and the exploits of the inherent life of God in a human being which she referred to as “The Light of Life”.

Crowning the grand day was the President and Founder of Fountain Victory Church and Ministries International Apostle Joseph Ziba who stood to minister in the afternoon session.

Upon standing on the platform, the man of God was welcomed by unspeakable joy: handclapping, dancing, singing, ululations, smiles and all forms of excitement you can think of. This was an infallible proof that the attendees were not ready to miss even a single “inch” of what the Lord had prepared for them that afternoon.

The Man of God taught on the theme: “Light of the World”. In accentuating the objective for the catchy theme he said “I am teaching you this so that you can learn how to both manage and dominate the world”.

Amalgamating the two Scriptures in John 8:12 and John 11:9, Apostle Joseph illuminated the congregation on the difference between the “the Light of the World” and “the Light of Life”. He said that “The Light of Life” reveals who you are or your identity in God. On the other hand “The Light of the world” elucidates to you on how the world is all about—it positions you at a place where you can do mightily with the gifts which God has implanted in your spirit.

Apostle Joseph Ziba took more time to expound to the attendees on the power of the light of the world. As he was ministering the word of God, the mighty Presence and the power of the Lord blanketed the entire auditorium. Consequently, some people were crying for intimacy with God; some were healed of their sicknesses, diseases and infirmities; some were slain down by the power of God as they were receiving the light of God in their spirits as well as their miracles.

The Man of God concluded by saying that one of the ways through which the light of God comes is through soaking yourself in God’s word (Psalms 119:130). Thus, if you want to dominate in any sphere in this life; get as much light from the scriptures concerning that area. “Dominion at any given place and at any given time depends on the amount of light which you’ve in your Spirit”. He emphasized.

Beyond all doubt, Top Woman Conference 2018 will remain indelibly imprinted in the hearts of those who had an opportunity to participate in it because the Lord had done great and mighty things to them!

The conference was hosted by Lilongwe Branch which is led by Bishop Medram and Pastor Chiku Chirwa.


Editorial Team of the FOVCI

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