Transcendent Power of Faith – Apostle Joseph Ziba

Transcendent Power of Faith - Apostle Joseph Ziba

SEEDS OF VICTORY – Monday, 8th April 2019

Transcendent Power of Faith – With Apostle Joseph Ziba

”…ALL things are possible to him that BELIEVETH.” MARK 9:23 KJV

God has placed us in this realm of impossibilities (the earth) so that we should conquer those impossibilities. And the Bible says that it’s through faith that we overcome the world of impossibilities (1 John 5:4). Question is: what’s so special about faith such that whosoever has it conquers the world?


We read in several places in the Bible where it is written that all things are possible with God. For instance, in Matthew 19:26; Mark 10:27; Luke 1:37 and Luke 18:37.


But the verse above brings to light a vital truth. It says all things are possible to him who believes (the one who has faith); just as it is that all things are possible with God.


This entails that faith catapults one into the dimension of operation of God. And if God gives you faith, He’s enabled you to operate just like Him. Praise God!


The more your faith grows, the more you overcome the impossible. Hear more of God’s Word and your faith will skyrocket since faith comes by hearing such (Romans 10:10).




Precious Father, I appreciate for the privilege that I can overcome the impossible through faith, just like You do. From today, I commit myself to the studying and meditating of Your Word so that You should impart more faith in me which is the victory that overcomes the world. In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen!





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