Victorious Ladies Conference (VLC) 2018

Victorious Ladies Conference (VLC) 2018


The word “Victorious Ladies Conference” (VLC) is celebrated and firmly etched in the hearts of thousands of women, worldwide, who have had a chance of attending them. Through such divinely devised meetings, many women have received healings, deliverances, empowerment, marriages, jobs, promotions, children, business ideas and capital just to mention a few.

The Victorious Ladies Conference 2018 promises to be a bumper package and here’s why as a woman you MUST attend:

•The Lord will uplift the modern career driven ladies, business women, mothers and wives and students who are eager to live and leave a legacy in this life for Christ through their daily dealings. For sure you fall into atleast of these categories.

•God the Father will touch and help you, personally, at the point of need.

•The Lord will specifically speak to you as a woman and His Words will catapult you to higher realms of glory.

Start finalizing your plans to attend this highly esteemed conference at COMESA Hall, Blantyre Malawi.

See the here for more details. God bless you!


Editorial Team of the FOVCI

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