Victorious Ladies

The Victorious Ladies Conference is a conference which is organized by the Ladies of Fountain of Victory International Ministries.

The Conference was uniquely created with an aim of touching women of all ages, profiles, races and positions in the society. It is intended to raise a woman of significance, influence, dignity, glory and honour in every sphere of life.

The conference started in 1999, it is held in two days with services designed to meet both spiritual and physical needs of the ladies. One of the services which usually happen on Saturday morning is the Healing and Miracle Service, it is a special service for God to meet the physical needs of the ladies, where multitudes are delivered, healed and many receive their miracles. The other services are the teaching of the word of God.

Being one of the pillar doctrine of the ministry that God’s Word is the infallible word of truth and the only material that can lead one to spiritual growth and success, these services are spared just to let the word of God illuminate and bring freedom in the lives of the attendants so that they know the truth and they are built up spiritually, despite the illumination there is also an impartation and empowerment that takes place as the people sit under the teaching of the word of God.