Why Rising on Top?


Some people have been asking me why we call these meetings “Rising On Top” instead of “Rising to the Top”. They feel like naming these meetings “Rising to the Top” would be grammatically correct and would make more sense. What they say is very true in natural sense but in spiritual sense it’s erroneous. “Rising On Top” has more spiritual sense; it’s not mere semantics. Here is what I mean:

Rising to the Top by implication means that one is at the bottom but is fighting their way to get to the top. Thus, we can’t do “Rising to the Top” services three or four times since by the time we are planning the third or fourth meeting people will have already been pushed to the top by the previous one or two meetings.

On the contrary, “Rising on Top” means something totally different. In fact, the preposition ‘on’ on “Rising on Top” signifies the platform where one is rising from. So, it’s more like you are already on top (as your platform) and you are rising from there. This is exactly where the children of God are: they are already on top; they aren’t trying to get there.

Through the Spirit’s inspiration James spoke something profound about who we are and our position. He said:

Of his (God’s) own will begat he (God) us with the word of truth, that we should be a kind of firstfruits of his (God’s) creatures.(James 1:18 KJV emphasis added).

The Word “firstfruit” in that Scripture means “the first, the top, the paramount, the unsurpassed or the preeminent and the best”; and the word “creatures” speaks of all things God created—the earth and everything contained therein. So, you see, God already made us the first and the best by the virtue of our birth from Him—we are on top of everything.

Now, through these meetings we enlighten, train and coach one another on how we can reign in all spheres of life. We do it not as men who are at the bottom; we always bear in mind of where God has placed us—we are on top.

Excerpts of the message from the Day 1 of 2 Days of Rising on Top with Apostle Joseph Ziba – 24 to 25 April, 2018


Editorial Team of the FOVCI

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