Women’s Day of Exemption – Report

Women's Day of Exemption - Report


”Exempted and Walking in the Newness Of Life!”

The news about this year’s Women’s Day of Exemption spread at the speed of light. Although it was the first of it’s kind, it’s fame quickly enveloped Malawi’s atmosphere and across the boarders such that no female dared to miss it. They all longed to be “exempted” as it was professed.

True to it’s billing when the day for the long awaited event finally came, women of all ages and profiles invaded the Tent of His Meeting, Blantyre, Venue for the event such that there wasn’t enough space to accommodate the attendees and an overflow section had to be made.

In declaring the event open the Vice President of Fountain Of Victory Churches and Ministries International, Pastor Pricilla Ziba urged the women to be more expectant as that was their day. ”Today is our day whereby all our issues will be dealt with.” She announced.

The event was spiced up by various performances and ministrations such as music, drama, dances and poetry which were all in line with the theme for the day.

Just before the Man of God Apostle Joseph Ziba stood on the altar to minister God’s Word and to declare exemption to all ladies, there was a A Flag Procession. Women carried flags of different nations as representations and they prayed and declared the freedom of women from torture, miscarriages, sicknesses and diseases, oppressions and all evil.

The Man of God Apostle Ziba read from Exodus 11 from verse 1 and explained that although God brought plagues in the Land of Egypt such plagues didn’t affect the Israelites. That was exemption.

Coming home to our times
He explained that God doesn’t exempt us by taking us away from among the wicked people or the wicked environment but He rather shields and covers us from such wickedness.

”God places honor, success and divine health on us while on others the evil remains “ He reiterated.

Finally by the Spirit’s direction the Apostle declared exemption upon all women. They were separated and a new army of women arose. Glory to God!

For some pictures of the day click here!


Apostle Joseph Ziba is the President and Founder of Fountain of Victory Church International and Fountain of Victory International Ministries. He is a renowned teacher of God’s Word with the backing of the Holy Spirit.


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