Women’s Day of Exemption

Women’s Day of Exemption

No man in the face of the earth can dispute the fact that the female population experiences lots of challenges everywhere. Tortures, failures, miscarriages, fibroids, cancer, HIV/AIDS, oppressions and marginalization in families, businesses and work places are popular among our mothers, sisters and daughters. But is there hope for a change of such in our time? Emphatically yes! That’s why through the direction of God’s Spirit Apostle Joseph Ziba and the Fountain Victory Ministries International have organized the Women’s Day of Exemption. It’s a designated day in which women of all categories, Profiles and backgrounds will be delivered from the afore mentioned calamities by the power of God.

Are you a mother or a daughter? Are you fed up with chronic diseases and sicknesses and horrific experiences? Then you are the one whom God is desiring to change.

Join Apostle Joseph Ziba and Pastor Priscilla Ziba on  16th JUNE 2018, at The Tent Of His Meeting, Kudya, Blantyre for the Women’s Day of Exemption.

The details for the event are outlined on the poster below. You don’t want to miss this!


Editorial Team of the FOVCI

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